welcome to my admissions blog!

Hi, my name is Victoria. I am a 3rd year Cell and Molecular Biology major (with a minor in Business Administration) on a Pre-Dental track. Keep reading to follow my Northeastern journey and adventures in Boston + beyond!

✰ a bit about me ✰

Hometown: Clarksville, MD

I am originally from a small town that’s in between Baltimore and DC. The sunsets are so pretty (I definitely miss them when I am on campus).

Favorite Hobby: Baking

I have a huge sweet tooth, which fuels my love for baking all the cakes, cookies… you name it. If you have any recipe recommendations, please lmk!

Dream Job: Dentist

I have always wanted to be a dentist (since elementary school!), and am so nervous and excited to finally start applying this coming May.


I am here to help!

I remember how stressful (and lonely at times) the whole college admissions process was. I want to help you through it as much as I can by sharing some of my experiences and just being here to answer your questions! Here are some topics that I plan to write about:

  • Pre-Health @ Northeastern
  • Food in Boston
  • Adjusting to College
  • The Co-Op Process
  • Student Life @ Northeastern

Recent Posts:

My Year 2 Faves

November 16th officially marked 8 months of quarantining at home in Maryland – so crazy. It seems that time has stayed still, but has flown by so quickly at the same time. While reminiscing about Boston over the past few days (the FOMO is really setting in right now), a few things stood out asContinue reading “My Year 2 Faves”

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